1. Scandinavisch interieur
    € 2 819,-



    € 2 819,-



    € 1 030,-
  2. Kruispoot eettafel
  3. Scandinavisch interieur
    € 2 862,-



    € 2 862,-

    N2 lounge


    € 359,-
  4. Liga industrieel dressoir
    € 2 919,-



    € 2 919,-

Melchior Interieur

Interior design & advice

A new interior. Whether you are going to change it all, or just looking for that one special item, it starts with inspiration. This could be anything, but make sure that you give it your own spin. Dare to choose, the world doens't consist of different shades of grey. Stay close to yourself and don't just follow any trend.  This all will result in an interior that's personal and where you will feel right at home.

Melchior Interieur can assist, by looking together at all the options and to provide you with solid advice. Please contact us or visit one of our shops, we are happy to help!


Broad collection of carpets

A well chosen carpet really finishes off your interior. Not only does it add to the look & feel of the room, it is also incredibly comfortable. Melchior Interieur has rugs in all colours, paterns & dessins you can think of, so there is always one that will suit your home. We will also assist in determining the right size, because proportions are ever so important.

Please visit the showroom for the full collection and be inspired!


Illuminate your world

Good lighting can make or break the ambience of a room, so it pays to get it right. You can always update a room and improve the atmosphere with good lighting; equally, nothing makes a room feel dated and unwelcoming like bad lighting.

Downlighting is something people love or hate. We believe it can be incredibly nice, as long as it's done the right way.

Melchior Interieur has a diverse collection of lighting that is changing all the time. 


Finishing touch: accessories

It's the details that define the result. You can choose your furniture with great care, if the accessories are a total mismatch, you will end up with a dissapointing interior. At Melchior Interieur we know that this can be difficult and we are here to help. Not only through good advice, but we also have a money back policy within 3 days after purchase.

This way you know for sure that your latest addition really is an addition!

Marmeren salontafel met ijzeren onderstel


Norr11 in Den Haag & Amstelveen

Norr11 is a young Danish label that is founded 11-11-2011. Scandinavian design with a twist, aimed at designing timeless pieces. At Melchior Interieur we made a selection of their best items. You will find this both in Amstelveen as in Den Haag. So please come to the store and see what we are so excited about!

NEW - Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen is more than interior design. They know how to create the right atmosphere that's so characteristic for contemporary Scandinavian design of this time. Refined pieces often displayed in indefinable colours. At Melchior Interieur we have composed a collection of large accessories and small furniture; fantastic!

Rebel Walls wallpaper

To enforce the look and atmosphere in our showrooms, we have covered our walls with Rebel Walls wallpaper. This Swedish company is great in presenting very different designs and theme's. You can enter the exact size when ordering so you will always have the correct size & ratio. Click on the button below or visit our showroom.